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Will you wear your baby?

Posted on 25 January 2017

Will you wear your baby?

Will you wear your baby?

Whilst pregnant we carry our babies non-stop for 9 months and throughout we know that they are warm and safe but when your baby is born everything changes. There is a lot to get used to for you as a new parent and for your baby entering into this busy world. At this time our brand new babies need us more than ever as they make the transition into the world. This is where babywearing can give both of you that closeness that you had whilst pregnant again, while also providing your baby with numerous developmental benefits, both physically and emotionally. Also our partners or other family members can babywear too, allowing them to bond with your baby in a special way.

It is reported that the closeness stimulates hormone production of oxytocin which results in a stronger parental bond. Babywearing is also very convenient! You have this tiny little being that doesn’t like being put down very much, so you simply place your little one in a carrier and off you go!

 It is widely reported that babywearing has positive effects for babies and for parents and it doesn’t really matter what kind of sling or carrier you use, as long as it’s safe and comfortable.

You don’t even have to want to ‘wear’ your baby 24 hours a day to be a ‘babywearer’, or to have the latest or most expensive type of sling. Some parents may only do it every so often whilst others may babywear all of the time. There are many different reasons that parents chose to babywear but here are some of the reported benefits:

Being so close together strengthens the bond between you and your baby, especially in the early days.

Helps your baby's development, both physically and emotionally. It is said that a carried baby is generally calmer due to all of his/her primal needs being met.

Being carried can decrease the risk of SIDS and flat-head syndrome.

If you chose to breastfeed, it can be done on the go, and discreetly too if you want to be covered up. Plus, close contact with your baby will boost your breastmilk production.

It really is convenient and means that you can be "hands-free," while your baby is in the carrier or sling allowing you to get on with all sorts and get your baby out and about easily.

Having your baby close to your face can help to promote early language development as they can hear and see whilst being carried.

So the benefits are clear and there are so many different types of baby carriers and wraps on the market to suit all need and budgets and here at Yummy Mummy we have added a new product to our range to help baby wearers whilst out and about wearing their babies.

The Jacket expander panel from Zip Us In allows you to wear your usual coat whilst wearing your baby, keeping you both safe, dry and warm whilst out and about.  It is perfect whilst pregnant if you don’t want to buy a new maternity coat and then you can continue to use it if you chose to babywear once your baby is born. Check it out here.

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